Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chelsea Market

I've read great things about Chelsea Market and decided to explore it a few Sundays ago. I quickly knew it would be, hands-down, one of my favorite spots in NYC. This renovated marketplace in the meatpacking district has great shopping, including a one-day French Connection sample sale and the most magical Anthropologie I've ever seen. The food was great, too - and free wifi everywhere. People were just sitting on the wood floors, eating their pastries and people-watching on the weekend. I spent way too many hours here but loved every minute of it. I wish I could take my mama!
Bakeries galore. And you can watch them baking. Carb me up.
Everything is old!
Little Marrakesh shop... such fun stores
I had a wonderful sandwich here with sprouts and hummus and other good things. I'm going to miss the veggies in this city!
The homemade display for monogrammed mugs...
Anthropologie, how clever are you??

(Additional tidbit: Chelsea Market happens to be the birthplace of the Oreo... can this place get any better?!)

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