Tuesday, March 30, 2010


In my internship, I only work four days a week.
So, Wednesday is my play day.
New York is my playground.
The greatest thing about Wednesdays are that they aren't Saturdays. The city isn't crammed with weekenders running errands and tourists wandering around. It's kind of like being a kid skipping school. Everyone else is where they're "supposed" to be, and you get this rush because you're not. I get to walk slowly through the streets with no endpoint in mind, I can let myself get lost in a new neighborhood or a bookstore. I've discovered great little places to get caffeine.
I love it.

Last Wednesday was gorgeous, that temperature where you can wear a sweatshirt if you want to, but you don't have to. After a good morning run, I went to this incredible Turkish grocery on 40th (quite possibly the best papaya I've ever had) and got lunch to go. I sat across the street in Bryant Park with my sunglasses on and just people watched for a while.

Well, I'm still in school and all, so Wednesdays always involve at least some homework. I've found some clutch homework spots with WiFi (the Brooklyn Library, Lincoln Center, and the Barnes & Noble at the Chambers stop on the 2 train). Not the most ideal use of my time, but I get to write in these little niches in the city where the freelancers and the preschoolers hang out. After I'm done with my crazy online 19th Century English class, I'm going directly to the Nike store off of 5th and buying new shoes. Then I'm going to spend every Wednesday I have left wandering the city, with SLR in hand.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so, it's not all glass-half full.

My neighbors in the room just down the hall aren't in class today.
I realize they're both gone and think, that's odd. Perhaps they are napping and neither of them set the alarm. Perhaps they went on a roommate coffee date and just decided to skip school altogether.

No no.

They were having their room fumigated. For bedbugs.


Poor girls. The thought of bedbugs on my body makes me want to get on a plane headed south, pronto. Things like that don't live in Texan beds. They don't in my mind, anyway.
So Linds and I realize the possibility of infestation and, after a short but intense freak-out session, proceed to move our beds away from the wall and lysol every baseboard. It smells very clean in here now.
Thanks, New York. I'll try not to itch myself silly tonight as I lie wide awake in my twin bed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


courtesy of iphone...
This street is a block and a half from my building

Texas Independence Day concert! let's touch God this time...

Snow from the 29th floor of the Hearst building when we basically had a blizzard

I've learned that people don't use turn signals in this city

Linds and I colored pictures for Cristian, our Colombian child

Weekend morning adventures at Park Plaza, our favorite place

PS22 Chorus

The joy on these kids' faces and this teacher's passion for what he does is just a glimpse of the beautiful diversity and energy in this city. I get to wake up here every single day.
They do Phoenix, Journey, Lady Gaga, you name it... if I could put them on my iTunes, I would.
(Thanks, Helena!)


Last night, Lindsey, Helena, Jessica and I were craving burgers and ended up at this place near Union Square. The atmosphere was chill and young, and I had a chicken sandwich that was to die for. (Of course, I wouldn't get beef - but it really was good!) Their shakes were incredible as well - Jess and Linds both tried the marshmallow one they are famous for, complete with toasted marshmallows on top. (Chris, whenever you come visit the city, you need to hit up this place. You would adore that shake.)

here we go.

I figured it was about time I start blogging, for the sake of my friends (and my mother) since I repeatedly: a) save emails in my drafts folder, where they are never actually sent b) forget to log into skype and c) ignore my facebook page to the point that it is now under a deep layer of cyberdust. So I'm going to start posting about things I do and see and find... enjoy :)