Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To the Falls: day two

6:30 am: Wake-up calls from dear Jacky, which were repetitively ignored. Linds finally picked up one of the calls while brushing her teeth. As I said, he loves us.

7:30 am: Everyone back on the bus to continue our Niagara excursion. Seeing falls in the early morning was breathtaking, and it was so refreshing just to be outside in open air.
Linds is ready to go...

at the park beside the falls

we could feel the mist!

10:00 am: Our group went to the Niagara Falls IMAX movie. (Jacky quote: "If you don't go to the Imax, you really did not go to Niagara Falls...") The three of us skipped out and headed for the Canadian border. None of us had passports, but when we said we were born in Texas, they somehow let us through. (That Texas blood can get you far in life!) Thrilled, we took off across the bridge, popped in a casino, scored some Canadian dollars, and took pictures with Mounties. Our Starbucks cups were in English AND French... what a nice country.

11:30 am: Back stateside, we met up with our group for the Maid of the Mist boat tour of the Falls. We were given these sweet panchos:
We were right at the bow of the boat, getting wet and taking in the magnitude and power of the falls - definitely one of the highlights of the trip. It was hard to get photos because of the water, but this one is from above:
1:00 pm: Lunch break...

3:30pm: Corning Glass Museum. Once again, we chose not to partake in the tour, and instead wandered around the town of Corning. It was Sunday, and the little downtown was basically deserted. We had some great coal-fire pizza (for a steal - eating in NYC really is expensive!) and soaked in the small-town charm.

5:00 Back on the bus, our group watched Avatar (note: it's not been released) and some sweet early-90s Kenny G videos. We were in the city by 9:30, in time to shower for work the next day...

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