Monday, October 25, 2010

first homecoming

Very good things about my first Baylor Homecoming....
1. Beating K-State! Baylor is now RANKED and FIRST in the Big 12 South! Yes, I did listen to the game on the radio. Because it was not on TV.  And I did not brave the hurricane force rainstorm at Floyd Casey. But still, SO EXCITING!
2. The bonfire on Friday!
brother & me at the bonfire
3. Watching Pigskin with my little's parents - nothing like it.  It was my first Pigskin and it was wonderful!
4. Common Grounds, of course

my Rodeo Clown had bear paws!
5. Columbus Avenue on Sunday
6. Sleepovers on the floor
7. The Rangers going to the World Series!
This video is from inside the Student Union Building, crammed with people watching the last moments of the game... 
So great, right?! GO Rangers!
By far the best thing was running into/hugging/catching up with friends and neighbors and professors and family and NYC girls!  (Linds, you were missed!)
SO thankful for my alma mater this weekend!

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