Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so, it's not all glass-half full.

My neighbors in the room just down the hall aren't in class today.
I realize they're both gone and think, that's odd. Perhaps they are napping and neither of them set the alarm. Perhaps they went on a roommate coffee date and just decided to skip school altogether.

No no.

They were having their room fumigated. For bedbugs.


Poor girls. The thought of bedbugs on my body makes me want to get on a plane headed south, pronto. Things like that don't live in Texan beds. They don't in my mind, anyway.
So Linds and I realize the possibility of infestation and, after a short but intense freak-out session, proceed to move our beds away from the wall and lysol every baseboard. It smells very clean in here now.
Thanks, New York. I'll try not to itch myself silly tonight as I lie wide awake in my twin bed.

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