Sunday, April 4, 2010

Norton Critical Editions

Oddly enough, the closest branch of the New York Public Library that contains a copy of the Norton Critical Edition of Wuthering Heights happens to be in Chinatown. So this Wednesday, my little adventure to the library took me to parts of Chinatown I did not know existed.
A little nibble of the sights:


and of course Confucius Florist

multiple fresh seafood shops


yes, those are pants for sale on the street. under umbrellas.


The librarian was incredibly helpful, and I am now a proud owner of an NYPL card.
Afterwards, I had to walk through another good six blocks to grab the train to Union Square. I bought a pastry from a little bakery on the street. In Chinatown, you can get these sweetbread rolls made with raisins for like 85 cents, and I just can't pass them up.

Afterward, I saw Ajami at the Quad Cinema. The film was written and directed by Israeli Scandar Copti and Palestinian Yaron Shandi. It wrestles with so many issues, yet is extremely well-executed - one of those films you walk away from but it doesn't leave you.

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  1. You found that bakery with ME! :)

    Love ya hun!